Iranian ancient celebrations | Part two | Tirgan and Yalda night 

Hello everybody reading my text. Yes i have several email from guys that they want travelogue from my travels. Okay , but before start my job i want write from some things of Iran . So today i want write about Tirgan Celebration and Yalda Night Celebration . You read about Sizdah Be Dar celebration in last post . if you don’t read it you can find it here. i recommend read it and also Nowruz post. lets go …

So write first from Tirgan celebration because after date Sizadah Be Dar We have this celebration . 


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Water play

Tirgan are On the middle day of summer in Iran also now in several other country this celebration do . like in Canada . In this day that’s are 3 or 4 or 5 July . in this day in warmest time in day ( after lunch ) people come together and start game with water . in history people believe this can make a new year with more rain and more water . This game are very good and until now people do that in gardens or park or them houses. But in two last years younger people can’t do that in parks and police don’t allow for do that in the park and more people make a party in personal gardens and invite other friends for make a party with water game.

Tirgan celebration,Tirgan.celebrations,trip to iran,iran

poeple in water game in a park

You can find other celebration ans some things to do in this day but some games now are a memory and just in history.

Yalda Night 

This night are longest night in year . this night longer around 2 minute from other nights and in this night all people in Iran make celebrations and also do some things.  Yalda night until now are active in people and all people do it in this night. Date of this night are 20 or 21 of December in every year and we do some things in this night that i told to you : 

In this night people go to house elder family . Grand mothers and grand fathers . They make a party in their house and invite all children and grandchildren and results. and they go to under Korsi and eat nuts and fruit specially pomegranate and watermelon. Maybe you ask from me what is Korsi? Ok . Korsi are a table with cover a blankets . Under this table are a iron box full of charcoal. Heat of charcoal make a warm place and its have very enjoy in cold winter. you can make korsi with i light or a electronic heater but in most place in Iran Korsi make with Charcoal . 

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a Korsi with fruit and nuts in Yalda night .You have your feet under the table Quote

Foods in this night are Pistachio and other nuts. pomegranate and watermelon and also other fruit . In this night people eat Soup and Ash reshteh ( You can read about Ash reshteh Here ) . This celebration are slower than other party and in this night people sit down together and they havn’t space from together because korsi are medium size . So this nearby with together can make a friendship and make a time for talking about all things . 

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other sample of Korsi

In this time grandmothers and grandfathers read Hafez poem and other member listen to that. We have a game with Hafez book and its are . you make a dream in your mind and your grandmother or grandfather open a sheet of hafez book randomly . After read poem you can know about result your dreams. This night are until 00:00 in night and after we go to next day party will end.

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Reading Hafez poem by Grandmother and grandfather

Some area in Iran have traditional sweets of their my provinces Khorasan . We have a sweet make of a liquid . This sweets come from South of Khorasan . First we cook a plant in water boil and extract of that like water in a bowl and we mix it with special wood with name ” Gaz ” This mix and rile are for several hours and in making it all young son and men in party must shake it . after several hours we have a foam . add a little sugar to that and share it to other guest.

korsi,iran,iran trip,travel to iran,yalda night,yalda night sweets

Kaf zani | Sweets of yalda night in Khorasan


In next post i want write about one other celebration in Iran and its very exciting and after it i start my travelogue .