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Iranian ancient celebrations | Part One


Except for national celebrations and festivities Iranian government, the Iranian ancient celebrations are 100 celebrate in year . Some of these celebrations was forgot from people and just a small group of people make a celebration for that but some celebrations are active until now and today i want write about some these celebrations . because i’m believe some celebrations can help to travelers for make a plan and if your plan are trip to Iran its nice for know these celebrations.

So i wrote about Nowruz celebration , one of important celebration and Iranian new year in last post Nowruz new year celebrate in Iran And today i write about other celebrations in Iran for after Nowruz day.


” Sizdah Be Dar ”  

It also called on nature day . In this day all families in Iran go to outside city ( Green place ) and make camp in nature . IF you have a personal garden you can go to there , If you have a car you can go to outside if you have not car you can go to Park in city , in believe people they most go to a green place and make a camp and dancing ( more time dancing in public places are illegal for women but in private gardens are free ) , Also make food with fire  and in end day they come back to home and rest for tomorrow for start their job in Iranian new year.

camps in a park in Sizdah Be Dar celebation

Sizdah be dar celebration date are 13 days after nowruz days . maybe 27 March or 28 March or 29 March. Day start with make a camp in nature and from morning all road in outside cities have heavy traffic so if you want go to this celebrate you must wake up soon in morning. after make camp they make a fire and start to cooking food for lunch . Tradition in this day are people eat a Iranian food . This food are ” Ash Reshteh ”  This food are like Noodle soup with green color and make on fire . I recommend you test it food and its food suitable for Vegetarians because in there not any meat. people believe this food can increase green in their life ( Green in Iranian mind are good things and happy life ) .

Ash Reshteh with designing curd

During the day , families make a party in nature , some people dancing , some people swimming and some people only relaxing . some  area in Iran people playing in large groups and its games are traditional.

Traditional dance in this celebrate

If you read my post about Nowruz celebrate , so you know now in Nowruz table we have red fish , grass green that in Iran called Sabze .these things used in Sizdah Be Dar celebrate , How? i say to you , Iranians leave the grass in the water as a sign of liberation and freedom in life .

Put Grass in water


And as a sign of friendship with the animals, they put fish in sea or lake or river.

Put fish in lake

In this celebration , Single person , do tie grasses for hope make new relationship. In history , tie grasses was for girls. for find good husband , They believed tie grass can make find a nice and good husband and now its are a fun and single people tie grass 😀 Like me ha ha ha Loooool .

Tie grass

So , After a day stay together all families and people , i night come back to their home and ready for tomorrow go to their job or school . I remember these nights , When we come back to our house , i cried a lot . Because i want stay together more . All uncles and aunt stay together in grandmother house for around 15 days and after we come back to our house i don’t like for go to school and i remember every year my dad come to my room and talk with me and told to me we can stay together again and don’t worry about that . This talk can make a relaxation for me. Heh its was nice .

I want in next post , say about Tirgan celebration and Rosewater celebration .

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