Iranian ancient celebrations | Part three | Chaharshanbe Suri


Hey all . Sorry for delay to update website . I was in a trip in Iran with a friend from Brazil. Now tonight i want write about Chaharshanbe Soori celebration. This a nice party in last year of Iranian year. In this celebration you have completely thrill feel and now i say about this celebration date and all things you need about it.

Chaharshanbe Suri

Young member make a fire for start celebration

Date of Chaharshanbe Suri are last Tuesday of Iranian year . last Tuesday of Iranian year are a celebration before come Nowruz . if i want change this time are  , Tuesday of 3rd week in April. This celebration starts in sunset. First people come in our Gardens . Outside of cities or streets . At first , boys and girls make a fire with wood in garden or a street outside city and older member of family make dinner.


In this celebration you can hear music , dance around fire and game with fire . after some time older member of family come around fire and dance with other . They believe fire can give to them an energy for make happy days. 

Chaharshanbe Suri

Dancing around fire

People around 2 or 3 hours of night spent with fireworks and dance around that. in personal place you can find drink in around fire .

chaharshanbe suri

Also you can see any Firecrackers in this night . Unfortunately, some children and teens are injured in this night. Firecrackers are dangerous and if you want come to Iran for Chaharshanbe Suri , you must very be careful for burn with fire . Every year TV in Iran and newspaper share information about be careful for use of Firecrackers but we see every year some kids have burns in this night.

trip to iran in chaharshanbe suri

Firework in Chaharshanbe Suri

 One of tradition in this night are jump on fire and say a symbol sentence . All member of a family must jump of fire and say ” Sick and sad from me to fire and energy of fire to me ”  You must jump of fire if your Iranian . Loool 


Jumping on fire a tradition in Chaharshanbe Suri

So if you do dance , drink , fireworks and jump of fire you must go to eat dinner . Foods in this night are hot nuts like hot pistachio . in some cities people heat nuts with fire in celebrations , Also Ash reshteh are for dinner and other foods . tradition foods are nuts , tea and Ash Reshteh . after dinner teens and young people go to do other tradition. Chaharshanbe Suri are near Nuwroz celebration in Iran and in this night all family have in their house  sweets , nuts and … for quest in Nuwroz celebrations and teens wear a dress with name ” Chador” That’s are large piece of cloth or they wear Bedsheet and this cloth must cover their face that anybody can’t know them .

Ghashogh Zani

They wear a bedsheet and you can’t see their face and they must change them sound for anonymity

After it they stay in front families or friend house and make a noise with spoon and dishes and after host know they come for get something , host must open the door and give to anybody some things like sweets , fruit , nuts , chocolate and … However guests must anonymous. This a cool tradition in Iran. 

Chaharshanbe Suri

Host give to guest some thing for eat

Because this cool game are in midnight , guest don’t go to inside of house and they stay in front and after get sweets they come back to home .

Chaharshanbe Suri

After complete mission 😀 in home way

In midnight chaharshanbe suri some people make a romance night and wish for make happy life and make balloon Fire in night.  This not tradition in history and i see that from several years ago. but its nice

Ballone fire in Shaharshanbe Suri

Ballon fire in Shaharshanbe Suri

Some things in this celebration are forget from people mind. But in several cities i saw people do that . Like ” Breaking pitchers ” In my city now we don’t see this . But this tradition are Breaking pitchers and people breaking their pitchers . in history people use of pitchers for move water and in Chaharshanbe Suri they beraking that because they believe that’s can make more water and make more happy life. 

Also some people do one other tradition and its are , they go to roof of their love partner and with a colorful rope . They hung it from the roof to the house windows and notify host and their partner love must knot to rope some things for eat and notify that guy in roof for lifting rope. Now this tradition not public and popular. 

In these three post i wrote some important Iranian celebration and i hope this information can help you for planing new trip to Iran.  in next post i will start write about Saffron harvest time and Rosewater celebration and after it i will start write about Iranian travelogue to Yazd city .