If you want come to Iran in Iranian new year , you must know somethings about this celebrate and after it make decide for planed Iran trip in Nowruz time.

Nowruz are one of biggest celebrate in Iran , Nowruz are Iranian new year . with Nowruz , we go to new year in Iran and we make celebrate in Nowruz . Nowruz based on Iranian calendar and its in English calendar are different . So i can’t say to you for exactly date of next nowruz . So its are in 20 or 21 or 22 March .


Things to be done before the Nowruz


All people get ready for nowruz with buy new clothes and go to general cleanliness of their homes. They believe with new year they must be new , with new clothes , clean home , face makeup . every year in last month all shops ready for big sales to a lot of customer . this shop include : Barbers , clothes stores , Stores nuts , Confectionery shop and Home appliance stores.

People in last month buy new things and they get ready for come Nowruz . In our mind , we believe if we buy new things in every year we can go up in life and we can success in our life . but if we don’t ready for nowruz we can’t success in new year. A tradition.

A traditional market that sale some things for nowruz and Haft Sin

A traditional market that sale some things for nowruz and Haft Sin

َAlso in Iran we have a celebrate before nowruz with name ” Chahar Shanbe Sori ” this celebrate are in last tuesday of year and we do some things in this night like . make fire and jumping on it and dancing around that. I give to you more information about this celebrate.

Chahar Shanbe Sori celebrate

Chahar Shanbe Sori celebrate


So all people after buy new things and also clean their homes , they buy nuts , specially pistachio for guests . In Iran all people must get ready for accept guests ( friends or family ) and in Nowruz celebrate tradition are serve pistachio , fruit , Iranian sweets . So all people get ready and buy nuts and fruit for new guests. they believe have guest in new year can strengthen friendships.

In Iran for nowruz we have 2 week holiday , a day before nowruz time until 6 next days , all banks , Government agencies Except for essential management and more personal offices and school and university are closed until 2 week after nowruz. My idea , its are very bad . because i think 5 days holiday are enough.


Things to be done in Nowruz time 

Astronomers every year specify hours, minutes and even seconds of time change old year to New Year and every family come together around ” Haft Sin ” . What is Haft Sin ? I tell you .

Haft Sin are a collection from some things and its our tradition. We prepared a table from some  sublimation things. That must are 7 things with name started ” S ” letter . Haft Sin are Seven things with the letter S . Each sign something.

1. ” Sabze ” are grass green. In Iranian language , grass green are Sabze . Sabze are green life signs and vitality

2. ” Sib ”  Sib are Apple . Apple in Iranian language are Sib and  Apples in Haft Sin symbolize health.

3. ” Senjed ” are Elaeagnus angustifolia. Elaeagnus angustifolia for properties, strengthens the sexual power and memory, is a symbol of wisdom and birth.

4. ” Samanu ” are Samanu . Looool . believe me , because Samanu have not any word equivalent and its are 100% Iranian . This are a sweets that i don’t like that 😀 , must people dont like that but very powerful . Samanu called heroism. and its are symbol of Power.

5. ” Sir ” are Garlic Symbol away from corruption and pollution

6. ” Serkeh ” are Vinegar. In the poetry of Rumi (a Iranian poet) vinegar is meant to cry. Vinegar is a symbol of accepting the hardships of life.

7. ” Sumac ” are Sumac. According Iranian historical fiction.Sumac are symbol of wait.

So We have seven things with S letter in first words. S are Sin in Iranian Alphabet . and Also Seven in Iranian language mean Haft . So We combine that . Haft Sin . Mean Seven S .

However in Haft Sin table we have some other things like . Red Fish are symbol of alive , A poet book of Hafez (a Iranian poet) , Coin symbol of money and income , Colored eggs , Mirror.


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Haft Sin table


So now you know Haft Sin . Families in near time change year come together around Haft Sin wit new clothes and makeup and read Hafez poet and some sentences of their religion and after go to new year all family members kissing and congratulate each other. The patriarch of the family, more times are the father’s give gift to others member in family . Most time this gift are a new currency notes and some times other gifts.

After Nowruz time all people ready and go to elder family house , must times are Grand mother home or Grand father home . first night in elder family house , make party , dancing , drinking . Also in religion families they have’t any drink or dance but they just go to elder family house and say happy new year together.

Celebrate nowruz

Celebrate nowruz

In dinner or lunch ,  tradition are eat food with green color.Always in first day of new year You can find fish & vegetables rice on the table.There are also some foods that have been cooked with herbs.

" Mahi Polo " Fish and vegetables rice

” Mahi Polo ” Fish and vegetables rice


The first days after the New Year with parties will end . in these parties , older people to younger people donate money , amount not important and just its are a tradition and of course a race to raise money for kids.


Things to be done after Nowruz time 


after some days nowruz time , some people want go to a trip . because its a nice chance because they have 2 week holiday . So if you want  come to Iran in Nowruz days you must sure for reserve hotels and tickets because this time are high traffic from Iranian people. most time 5 days after nowruz i come back to my company and start my job and all my staff must come back to work because i’m believe 5 days are enough. but for students or some people can be good for make a trip or relaxation time. in spring season , Iran are very green and weather are great , So in nowruz i want go to outside of city and make a camp for some hours and more people invite together to their gardens and make good parties in there.


After 13 days of Nowruz time We have any other celebrate . Called Nature Day . I will explain for that in next post .