The cost of travel to Iran


Today i want to around cost of travel to Iran . every body when think about a travel , he must think about cost and needs in this travel . So in Iran you have some cost and we today calculate it for make a nice plan.

– The cost of tickets to Iran

The cost of tickets depends on you and your country . for country near Iran you can choice Airplane or train or bus. but if you want come to Iran from Europe or America . you just have one choice and its Air ways . tickets to Iran are depends for choice of class of plane or choice airline. Now ( 30/7/2015 ) ticket of plane to Iran from USA are 1430.00$ or Also from Germany are 400.00 Euro .

– Cost tickets in Iran

Most planes come to Iran , landing in Tehran and if you want see other city in Iran best choice are air ways. Also you have choice for Train and Bus but my recommend plane because this are very fast but train or bus are slower plane . ( Of curse some route in Iran very nice and i recommend go with bus ) . For internal plane ticket , you can use of Iranian agency airlines in your country . or buy from their website with your Visa or Master card. But my offer use of a Iranian friend . I can help you in this way. So i say a sample . one of my friend wanted comes to Iran, So he for a route from Tehran to Mashhad find 200.00$ with Iran Air ,  but i bought it with Rials. with 40.00$. price internal tickets for buyers from outside Iran are higher.

Also for buy ticket bus or train you cant buy it from Website with Visa card or … and this tickets can only sale to Iranian people with Rial. but you can buy that in travel agency in Iran , when you come to Iran. more time you can find empty chair until 2 hours before motion.


– Cost of hotel 

You cant find in Iran hostel and its not good for backpackers , but you can find hotel with any price . Hotels in Iran in big cities are from 30.00$ until 2000.00$ and i think you can select a nice room in a hotel with 5 star around 500.00$ and if you want less price you can select a hotel with 3 star with around price 50.00$ per night. Just you must remember that . if you come to Iran in high season . you must reserve room , because maybe you cant find a hotel in pick times. my recommend use of a Iranian friend because , Iranian hotels not in online reservation like Booking app or …

– Cost of food and handcraft

This part are largest part of cost . you can find anything for eat in Iran, Iranian people love eat and in Iran you can find very restaurants in every street . Also in more city in Iran , every city have local food or juice . Pistachio , Saffron , Fallodeh , Yazd city sweets , Halva sweets , Shishlik , Kabab and … are more food in Iran and for taste all them you must pay around 500.00$ . Also handcraft like wood handcraft and historic handcraft or Iranian carpet are popular handcrafts in Iran and if you want buy a carpet with Silk and made with hand are around 800.00$


Kabab Kobideh and rice with saffron

a Iranian handcraft

a Iranian handcraft


– cost of transportation in the City

If you use of subway or bus , not to much for pay and you must buy a card and charge it for use in bus or subway , cost per every route are around 0.20$ . and also for take a taxi , this price are around 10.00$ per every route in normally .

Subway in Mashhad

Subway in Mashhad


At all i think in Iran trip you need around 1500.00$ until 2000.00$ for 7 days . If you have any question you can call to me with contact form in menu.