The best time to travel to Iran


Today i want talking about best time for come to Iran , So high Tourist season in Iran are Summer , From May , until August . but all things . In these months are peak travel season. In North weather are between 30 – 35 centigrade and in North West 18 – 25 centigrade . But in south weather are worm , in Shiraz or Yazd around 40 – 43 centigrade and in near Persian gulf are 40 – 46 centigrade with high humidity . Everything depends on you. To where you live . i remember meet a man and woman from France in Yazd.  They was very Sweaty and red . They were not familiar climate of Iran.

My Idea are April and May. Wheather not warm , not cold . its suitable for swimming in Persian Gulf and suitable for walking in historic street Yazd or Shiraz . I thing this time are best time for come to Iran . Also this time are medium tourist season .


Just if you want come to Iran for a goal , like rosewater celebrate or see harvest of Saffron or … you must change your plan . Because some celebrate in Iran are a special time .

Rose water celebrate in near Kashan city

Rose water celebrate in near Kashan city

Making rose water are from first April until 20 April in to village near Kashan City , Niasar Village , Ghamsar Village . I will write about my story in there.

Or also you want see harvest of saffron or pistachio . you must come to Iran in October and November .


Iranian Saffron harvest in near Mashhad city

I have every year a tour for show Saffron harvest to people want see that and taste Saffron flower.


pistachio harvest are in Center of Iran

At first you must specify your goal and after it make a plan for come to Iran.