IF you thing about travel to Iran , you need to know about some things , that i write about that now . So in first i must say about cities in Iran and popular cities in Iran . Iran are 1,648,195 Km area . Capital are Tehran , Official language are Persian , Currency are Iranian Rial , To drive are right and calling code are +98 and Iran still has the 24 provinces . Its some things in one sentence 😀

5 of Iran’s largest cities, respectively :

– Tehran

– Mashhad

– Esfahan

– Karaj

– Tabriz


So if you want popular cities in Iran , in my mind or my quest in Iran from other country :

– Shiraz

– Yazd

– Kish Island

– Esfehan

– Mashhad

– Tehran

– Tabriz

– Caspian Sea

– Bandar Abbas


So i will write for my story and nice places in every city in Iran .


Weather & Vegetation

Never you cant understand about Iran weather ,Because here are several in the area of environment.

Iran have big green Forest ( In the north ) With an average high rainfall.


َAlso you know Iran have Desert? Yes sure i told to you Iran are big

Maranjab desert. Central Iran

Maranjab desert. Central Iran


Mountains of Iran are one area of this country.

Shirbad mountains near Mashhad - northeastern Iran

Shirbad mountains near Mashhad – northeastern Iran

You Ready to see of Islands in Iran?

Kish Island in southern Iran

Kish Island in southern Iran

Hendorabi island in Persian Gulf

Hendorabi island in Persian Gulf

Hendorabi island abandoned and appropriate ecotourism and fishing.



So until now , you know and see , Iran has several types of environment. So i explain for other things.



For come to Iran more international flight landing in Tehran in IKA airport . in internal lines you can use of Plane ,Train , Bus. every day to all cities in Iran have 1 flght and for large city , like Tehran to Mashhad or Mashhad to Tehran , airlines have 30 flight every day . IF you buy airplane ticket with a Iranian in Iran , You can buy tickets very low price but Airlines agencies in other country sale tickets Several times the domestic price.


Common rules Iran 

In the beginning, unfortunately, in Iran the veil for women is mandatory. You should cover your hair as normal. And should not be bare feet . However, in more private places can be more comfortable.


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Urban transport


In large cities , you can use of Subway , in Mashhad and Tehran . in other cities you can use of bus , taxi . for use of bus or subway you need a magnetic card for yourself , you can buy that from stations and charge that , Bus and Subway around 0.20$ per a route. Taxi in Iran like most country are Yellow and they have taxi meters and you must when take a taxi check this .



Iran, in contrast to neighboring countries. Security is high. You can go to every city you want , but i recommend , Do not go to the city near the eastern border. This cities is close to Pakistan and Afghanistan and my view is that caution. However, I never heard any tourist in these cities boundary to the problem. Also you can in street until morning , Iran have’t night life like other country but in Islands people come to beach. or in other city like my city , Mashhad people go to Coffeshops and use of tea , Hookah and play Backgammon.



In Iran are 4 Operator mobile . That’s name are : MCI Hamrah Aval | MTN Irancell | Rightell | Talia .  MCI and MTN are better . they support most areas. Price for buy Prepaid SIM cards , for MCI : 9$ and for MTN :  5$ . All them have some charge and you can use of that all for call to other country , use of Internet 3G , 4G . but you most Charge them. i think if you charge a sim card around 40$ you can use of that well for call to other country ( Home ) use of internet and text and this amount enough . For buy sim card you need give copy of your passport .


If i forget anything please let me know about that with comments .