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Iranian saffron harvest – another spectacular thing in Iran


One of another thing in Iran that are very popular for tourists , Saffron harvest . That’s are a traditional celebrations but not like other Iranian celebrations in this celebrations you can’t find music , dance or … This celebration are a symbol from job . 

First must i told about Iranian saffron . Iran are biggest producer saffron in the world. Saffron is a plant that made from a flower and have a lot of benefit for skin and mind and also this spice are very expensive . Around 7.00$ per gram. Every year a lot of tourist come to Iran and told to me they want see harvest saffron in farm because you can see just here this view. Also They ask me show them all process after harvest. Because after harvest saffron you have a flower and you must do several process for make a nice saffron. In Iran several companies grown saffron and packaging saffron and export it to other country . One of best this Companies are Rowhani Saffron

Harvest Saffron are one time every year and start from 15 October and ended in 10 November. In this period every morning you can find saffron flower in farms. Near harvest time farmers go to their farms and give water to ground and they waiting for grow up flowers. After several days , Every day in soon morning around 04:00 AM they come back to their farms for harvest flowers . Saffron flowers in midnight go up from ground and they must harvest and pick up before sun fully.  

Harvest Saffron start before sunrise

Its amazing because in afternoon you can’t find any flower on farm but in soon morning you can see a lot of flower on ground . like a carpet. Work start before sunrise and must time all families member in village come to help for harvest because they have small time. If son come fully in sky ,  flowers will withering and that have not quality . most time farmers started in 04:00 AM until 06:00 AM or 07:00 AM  . 

Saffron harvest lasts until 07:00 AM

Every man can harvest around 20 kg in every day and after saffron harvest they must come back to home for start process for make filament of saffron. Now several farms are for companies and they after saffron harvest come back to companies for do process in clean rooms but several farms in Iran are for families and they come back to their home for do process. 

After they come back to home they sit front a table and they remove flower from filament saffron. You must remove purple petals and save red filaments. This job need a long time and flower life time are 24 hours. 




In this method they remove purple petals and yellow filaments

Also you can find other method in this process . Second method are more popular and they cut yellow filaments after dry saffron.

In this method they just remove purple petals and they don’t cut yellow filament

After remove purple petals , last step are dry saffron . Dry do with heater or under sun . Now heater are very popular vs dry under sun . 

At the end , after harvest , process for cut petals and dry saffron . That’s ready for package and sale to Iranian people and Export. 

Saffron packaged for export from a exporter company in Iran ( Rowhani Saffron Co. )

Now i don’t know any tour in Iran for show saffron harvest farms . But I know , if you’re one of customer Rowhani Saffron Co. , They have a tour for them customers for show saffron harvest to them . Their Website

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