So sorry for delay in writing about my trip to Yazd . I start from that time i was in airport of Yazd , a middle size airport in near city . After pick up baggage just i walked in near airport and after spend couple mins i knew need taxi . Take a taxi and first time i went to Amir Chakhmaq square . Exactly this is a complex and old mosque . That is tallest finial in the Yazd . So first my station was there and that is in downtown .

This complex built in year around 1430 and until yet use of that in some religious activity . after see amir chakhmaq mosque just  see around of there square and found one another thing , a wood symbol in near amir chakhmaq mosque , that’s name is ” Nakhl ” , just a symbol for local peoples of Yazd they pick up nakhl in religious events and just go around with that on their hands.

nakhl, yazdian nakhl,religious symbol of yazd peoples

a old nakhl just now use of for see that and not using in religious gatherings

After that , i research for find a hotel , hotels in yazd has 3 types , first traditional hotels , second modern hotels , third houses with traditional and modern . traditional hotels in first rate as expensive and modern houses is cheapest . So just choose one of traditional houses and check in and after ate lunch , i was ready to go around of Yazd.

One of the best district in Yazd is Fahadan . Fahadan is a district that you can’t use of car in there and you can just walking in these streets , these streets is very nice with traditional houses and hotels. There has a lot cistern and museums . Just first time i was in there , a walked a lot time in there . You can find a lot of museums and traditional and old houses in this neighborhood . Fahadan is one of oldest district in Yazd.


Fahadan neighborhood

some parts of neighborhood is steam and has roof . Yazd located in desert and certainly weather is very warm , So in history , people make alleys with roof for keep away of sun in days and also in history people , used of horses and camels so when they came back to their home , they put horses in this alleys for keep away from heat horses .

One of Fahadan Steam Alley


some parts of steam alleys , has not roof for use of light sun in alleys.

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Alley , in some parts has not roof

some times these alleys is very slim and low altitude . One of this slim alleys point is , defense things , Because in history enemies did attack with horses and this low altitude alleys don’t allow them for make a fast attack because they must go down from horse in this alleys and walk . So this reason made for them a problem for fast attack.


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One of slim and low altitude alleys

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One of slim and low altitude alleys

in other parts of neighborhood , you can see villas with tall walls and also wider alleys and some tall trees .

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Wall of one villa with traditional entrance

However i told you , Yazd located in desert and for this warm weather in history , people of yazd made a natural cooler . So this name is Badgir , windcatcher . This is make a natural ventilation for homes . Badgir change temperature to lower centigrade and its look like a cooler.

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Badgir located on the roof

Windcatcher,yazd Windcatcher,yazd badgir,badgir,Windcatcher iran,yazd travelogue,yazd

some houses use of two or more Badgir


One of another interesting thing in yazd neighborhoods was some place for stay birds in there and keep away from heat of desert.

A place for birds on the wall for save them of heat in the warm days

When i came to Fahadan , i had a plan for see museums and old houses , but after going in there just i walk there for several hours and see around , i think im in the history and that was amazing feel for me. Anyway , for first day i can’t see all things in there and i understood i must go back to there again , so in go back route see some other things like a traditional water reservoir that not using yet but in some years ago that used from local people , This is a water reservoir under ground and used for a big neighborhood in Fahadan.

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Traditional Water Reservoir that now don’t use of that

This water reservoir located under a ” Zurkhaneh ” Zurkhaneh is a place for sports , this sport is a traditional sport in Iran , So all Zurkhaneh has a stage for doing exercise and this water reservoir is under stage , because , water can make cooler stage and in stage has some window for coming cool wind from water reservoir.

zurkhane,zurkhane stage,zurkhane sport,sport of zurkhane

This is stage of Zurkhaneh and from windows in stages coming cool wind from water reservoir in under ground.


So after see water reservoir and also Zurkhane , i left there to ” Markar Square ” . Markar Square is a location of center of Iran . Exactly center of Iran is MArkar Square . Markar exactly is a watch complex and in stories quoted , under this complex has a Treasure and if this complex will be destroy , people can use of that Treasure and rebuild it.

Markar Watch Square in center of Iran

After see Markar just walk to Amir Chakhmaq square and eat some Yazdian sweets and make rest in hotel to next day , So i will write to you in next part in continue Yazd travel.

Near Amir Chakhmaq Square