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Yazd Itinerary – Part two

So sorry for delay in writing about my trip to Yazd . I start from that time i was in airport of Yazd , a middle size airport in near city . After pick up baggage just i walked in near airport and after spend couple mins i knew need taxi . Take a taxi and first time i went to Amir Chakhmaq square . Exactly this is a complex and old mosque . That is tallest finial in the Yazd . So first my station was there and that is in downtown . This complex built in year around 1430 and until yet use of that in some religious […]

Iranian ancient celebrations | Part two | Tirgan and Yalda night


Iranian ancient celebrations | Part two | Tirgan and Yalda night  Hello everybody reading my text. Yes i have several email from guys that they want travelogue from my travels. Okay , but before start my job i want write from some things of Iran . So today i want write about Tirgan Celebration and Yalda Night Celebration . You read about Sizdah Be Dar celebration in last post . if you don’t read it you can find it here. i recommend read it and also Nowruz post. lets go … So write first from Tirgan celebration because after date Sizadah Be Dar We have this celebration .  Tirgan  Tirgan […]

Nowruz new year celebrate in Iran


  If you want come to Iran in Iranian new year , you must know somethings about this celebrate and after it make decide for planed Iran trip in Nowruz time. Nowruz are one of biggest celebrate in Iran , Nowruz are Iranian new year . with Nowruz , we go to new year in Iran and we make celebrate in Nowruz . Nowruz based on Iranian calendar and its in English calendar are different . So i can’t say to you for exactly date of next nowruz . So its are in 20 or 21 or 22 March .   Things to be done before the Nowruz   All […]

The cost of travel to Iran


The cost of travel to Iran   Today i want to around cost of travel to Iran . every body when think about a travel , he must think about cost and needs in this travel . So in Iran you have some cost and we today calculate it for make a nice plan. – The cost of tickets to Iran The cost of tickets depends on you and your country . for country near Iran you can choice Airplane or train or bus. but if you want come to Iran from Europe or America . you just have one choice and its Air ways . tickets to Iran are […]