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Yazd Itinerary – Part One


Hey , yes i know i had a big delay . I know i must update this website soon and i read several mails from some friends and i must say sorry . These days i’m very busy and have not free time enough . So tonight i want write about my travel to Yazd and make a guide post and also say to you from my experiences in there. So i start now .

Yazd On Map

About Yazd :

Yazd are a province in the center of Iran , This province has several cities and center city and also largest city in Yazd province are Yazd City . Yazd smaller than my city ( Mashhad ) but this city are my favorite . This City are in desert and this city are oldest adobe city in the world and also second city after Venice in Italy . other city in Yazd province i offer to see there are , Meybod , Bafq and Ardakan . You can find these city on map .


Yazd Weather :

Yazd is one of warm area in Iran , This area are desert and they have hot season in year . average temperature are 25 Centigrade in year and hot season start from April until October and in other months they have cold and normal weather. temperature in warm months are around 25 centigrade until 40 centigrade . When i went to there was , May and temperature was around 30 until 40 centigrade . So you must know it because i saw a french family in there , they were overheated .


Yazd People :

Yazd people are more traditional and religious than other people in another cities of Iran. These made a safer city and kind people , special foreign people. in Iran most of people have smile when they see a foreign people and they want you enjoy from here . Also in Yazd you can feel it better. most of people use of motorcycle and bicycle . Yazd are bicycle city in Iran and most of people use of this in there.


How we go to Yazd :


Yazd has Airport , Train station and also bus station . If you want go to there with plane , You can find every day a flight from other cities in Iran to Yazd and also 2 or 3 flight from Tehran to Yazd , So for assure you must book ticket from one week before motion . Also in Iran road trip are popular and you can find a lot of bus offices for go to Yazd in normal situation , you can find 4 bus motion to Yazd from every cities with cheaper price than train and plane and its suitable for backpackers and nice chance for talking with local people if you are lucky and find a person for talking with English language.

If you want use of train for go to Yazd , you must reserve it 3 days before motion , Train in Iran not very modern and maybe this reason are don’t use of private offices and company , So you must forget express train in Yazd route , Speed in train are around 100 km/h and this can make a longer trip for you . So if you want , you can find one train to Yazd from other cities.

A hotel in Yazd

Hotels In Yazd :

Yazd has several hotels and these hotels most of times reserved from foreign tourists so i think if you want stay in traditional and clean and high class hotel , you must worry for reserve it . So if anybody need help for this i can help you for it because all hotels in Iran have not international service for reserve like Visa or Master card for payment and …  But if you just need a clean bed you can find hotels or rooms or suite apartments in city and most more people has a room for rent it.


high and low season :

High season in Yazd are Nowruz , and also last week in September , before end summer holiday . in other season are nice , my offer are April or May for see there , low season are in winter , in November and December .


Yazd Souvenirs :

Most important Yazd Souvenirs are sweets . This sweets are very nice . like Baghlava ( Not like turkey Baghlava ) also other models of sweets other things are Fabrics. Traditional and decorative. Of pottery and copper utensils.


My Yazd Itinerary :

At first i write some of my experience in Yazd travel and go to sleep in i continue in next part of story . My travel start in May , My city are Mashhad but my Yazd travel started from Tehran . In afternoon i know in 11:00 AM , I were in plane and i saw nice yazd from sky in desert and every minute we go closer to Yazd , in several minute we was in Airport. after give up my backpack , i started my travel to Yazd . I write continue soon .



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